Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Malay Pineapple Curry with Green Tea Rice

The use of fruit in Malaysian curries is very common, you open up a whole new culinary delight by cooking fruit, you get different more intense flavours and wonderful textures. Pineapple is a key player in this new ball game. This is one of my favourite veggie curries. It's got the lovely crunch from fine beans, some satisfying stodge from potato, and a lovely tangy pineapple bite to finish it all off. It's served in a beautiful fragrant sauce with lemongrass, galangal and an array of spices. 
My mother told me the best way to finish off the leftovers of a curry is to have large hunks of Scottish Plain Bread and mop up all of the sauces which is highly recommended, but if you have similar romantic notions towards carbs like myself, then do try making the green tea rice with this fabulous Asian supper. 

Top Tip: Save half of the paste and freeze it for the next time you need a quick dinner on the go. 

Feeds 4
Paste: (makes enough for two batches)

2 large onions 

400g ginger
300g galangal 
2 lemongrass stalks 
3 dried chillies 
50g coriander seeds 
50g cumin seeds 
20g Tumeric 
20g fennel 
1.5 veg stock Cube. 

800g coconut milk 
4 tbsp tamarind sauce 
3 star anise 
300g boiled totties 
300g fine beans 
1 pineapple 
Lime juice, sugar and salt to taste 

1. Blitz the onions till almost puréed and fry in a pot with some vegetable oil until softened and light brown. 
2. Meanwhile blitz the rest of the ingredients for the paste and then add into the onions, fry for around 15 minutes on a low heat whilst stirring every now and then until fragrant and soft. 
3. Now add a dash of water and all of the coconut milk and allow to bubble on a medium low heat for about 20 minutes 
4. Then add the fine beans and bubble away for a further 5 minutes. 
5. Add the boiled potatoes and pineapple and heat up for a few minutes 
6. Burst two green tea bags open and fry in a little oil. Add in hot boiled rice and stir Through. 
7. Serve fresh and enjoy!